Who We Are

Our Vision

We seek a world of hope that is inclusive and just, where all people live in dignity and security.

Our Mission

To save lives, enable social protection and defeat poverty

Our Focus

We put women and girls at the center of our work because we believe rights and opportunities for all are essential for an inclusive and just world.

What Next Vision 2030

NBBS goal with its Vision 2030 is to impact 100 million people from the poor and marginalized communities to overcome poverty and achieve social protection by 2030. We believe that lasting impact at scale can only be done at three levels: Individual, Relationships and Structures.

Care Strategic Plan 2022-2024 Goal To Impact 30 million people by 2024

NBSS work across all these key priority areas will be impact-driven, gender-sensitive, community-centric, innovative, evidence-based and ICT-enabled.