Gender Equality and Gender Transformative Change


Gender equality serves as the fundamental principle underpinning all of NBSS’s endeavors. In many communities across India, entrenched gender inequities, power dynamics, and societal norms contribute to the vulnerability and marginalization of women. As an organization dedicated to championing gender equality and women’s rights, our objective is to instigate transformative change at the individual, household, and community levels.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with local organizations, NBSS is unwavering in its commitment to tackling gender-based violence and discrimination. Our efforts extend to promoting women’s empowerment and fostering gender equality across all facets of life.

Our on-the-ground programs incorporate a robust gender component, fostering an environment where men and women, boys and girls, can coexist with mutual respect and equal opportunities. A pivotal element across all our projects is behavior change communication, aiming to raise awareness and empower women and their collectives to challenge and transform unjust gender and social norms.

Our commitment extends to addressing the unique needs and priorities of women and girls from diverse groups, including those from marginalized communities. Through a focus on inclusivity and intersectionality, we strive to propel gender equality and social justice for all.


Gender Transformative Framework